University of Agder

Our academic culture:

  • Academic freedom. We have a culture of academic quality, creativity, boldness, critical thinking and ethical reflection. We stand up for the independence of universities and academics.
  • Sustainability. We contribute to the achievement of the UN’s sustainability goals through relevant, interdisciplinary and inclusive research, education and innovation. We are open to the world and show solidarity.
  • Diversity. Our knowledge community is characterized by equality and inclusion.
  • Our mission: We co-create and disseminate knowledge in close collaboration with regional, national and international partners. Through critical reflection, we contribute to innovation that has positive impact on society.

Education – Main objective: Our students are active participants in the knowledge community, together with researchers, members of the larger community and the professional sphere.

UiA educates and shapes candidates who are well prepared for the future society and working life. Our candidates shall be able to acquire and apply new knowledge in new ways throughout their lives. All students at UiA shall receive input enabling them to become committed global citizens. They have skills in critical thinking, analytical and ethical reflection skills.

Research and artistic development work -Main objective: Our research and our artistic development work is outstanding, critical, innovative and relevant to society.

UiA conducts research and artistic development work at a high international level. UiA develops new knowledge, challenges established knowledge and contributes solutions to interdisciplinary societal challenges. UiA disseminates knowledge from its academic activities, both through teaching and through contributing to the public debate, with research-based knowledge and artistic forms of expression.

External relations and innovation – Main objective: We are a recognised partner with visibility and relevance regionally, nationally and internationally.

UiA challenges and cooperates closely with society, business and industry to contribute to knowledge development, sustainable value creation and societal change. UiA has a clear role as a facilitator and contributor to  increased entrepreneurship and innovation. UiA is an active partner working with business and industry to ensure that our students are in demand and equipped for future employment.

Work and learning environment – Main objective: Our work and learning environment is attractive, inclusive and dynamic. UiA is a growing and developing future-oriented university. We are able to adapt to new framework conditions, disruptive societal events, new technologies and a rapidly changing labour market. Our work and learning environment is attractive. We attract good students and recruit and retain talented employees.

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