Intellectual Output – IO1

The main aim of the IO1 is to provide the proposed curriculum for increasing the application of research results in regenerative medicine, human-machine interfaces, advanced robotics, new paradigms in biomimetric mechatronic systems, etc.

Output Type: Course / curriculum

Start Date: 15.02.2022

End Date: 31.07.2022

The curriculum comprises 8 modules:

•           Module 1: Computer Aided Design (CAD)

•           Module 2: Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

•           Module 3: Computer Programming

•           Module 4: Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

•           Module 5: Sensors and Electronics

•           Module 6: Bio-Mechatronics

•           Module 7: 3D printing and Rapid Tooling methods

•           Module 8: Intelligent (smart) materials

Intellectual Output – IO2

The main aims of the IO2 are to provide an e-toolkit for teaching purposes, basic knowledge about realizing biomimetric mechatronic systems by 3D printing, to provide the other preliminary and post processing steps that are required to be followed in the terms of CAD modeling as well as providing diploma project themes.

Output Type: Learning / teaching / training material – Toolkit

Start date: 01.08.2022

End date: 31.01.2023

Intellectual Output – IO3

The main aims of the IO3 are the realization of a virtual laboratory (e-learning) platform that integrates VR / AR applications which can be accessed by professors and students, programming and realizing different scenarios in VR / AR / Mixed Reality, conceiving different applications that can be connected with AR / VR. Applications developed by professors and students will be uploaded on the EMERALD platform.

Output Type: Services / structures – E-learning platform

Start date: 01.02.2023

End date: 31.07.2023

E-learning virtual laboratory platform

Intellectual Output – IO4

The main aim of the IO4 is the implementation of the communication and dissemination of strategy for increasing awareness, understanding and engagement with users and target groups as well as 4 case studies of biomimetric mechatronic systems made by 3D printing for people with special needs.

Output Type: Studies / analysis – Case study

Start date: 15.02.2022 End date: 29.09.2023